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New Entity Creation

To form a new business entity, you can register your business in the state where it will be located. The timeline for forming an entity can vary by state.


Beneficial Ownership Information

Effective January 1, 2024, many companies in the United States must report information about their beneficial owners—the individuals who ultimately own or control the company—to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), a
bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Taxes by individual

Monthly Meals Tax

Meals taxes are special taxes that apply to purchases of prepared foods for immediate consumption, and not just to meals eaten in a restaurant. They do not, however, apply to groceries or other non-prepared foods.


Monthly Sales Tax

A sales tax is a percentage-based tax on finished products at the point of sale. Sales taxes are common in the United States, where each level of government may charge an additional percentage of gross sales.


1099 Request Form (Contractor Pay)

A 1099 employee is a contractor rather than a full-time employee. These individuals may also be referred to as freelancers, self-employed workers, or independent contractors.


2023 Corporate/LLC Tax Extension Request

The extension will give you six more months to file your return, but you still have to pay at least 90% of your tax by the original due date to avoid penalties. The extension deadlines vary depending on your business type and tax year


2023 Personal Tax Extension Request Form

Filing this form gives you additional months to prepare your tax return no matter the reason you need the extra time. The extension is for six months and applies only to the filing. Your federal taxes are still due at the deadline if you owe money, so if you don’t pay them by then, you will incur penalties and interest

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